Street Tree Maintenance

Hobsons Bay City Council has approximately 45,000 street trees under its care. All street trees are inspected on a two-year cycle with any required works carried out following the inspections. The works include electric line clearance, pruning over footpaths and roadways to provide adequate clearances, formative pruning, and removals.

The municipality is divided into 12 maintenance zones, with each zone assessed and worked on during the two-year period. A map of the maintenance zones is included below. 

Street tree maintenance areas


Upcoming street tree maintenance areas

Maintenance Zone



Zone 9

Altona (industrial)

April / May 2024

Zone 10

Altona Meadows

 June / July 2024

Zone 11

Seabrook / Altona Meadows 

August / September 2024

 Zone 12

Laverton / Altona Meadows

 October / November 2024


To ensure compliance with Energy Safe Victoria regulations, all street trees are pruned in accordance with an Electrical Line Clearance Management Plan (ELCMP).

You are welcome to contact Council at any time outside of the maintenance program, if you have concerns about a street tree and an arborist will schedule an inspection.

Please complete a Tree service request form, or contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 179 944, to organise an inspection.