Recycling 2.0 - Waste and recycling services

Exciting changes have arrived for Hobsons Bay residents with the introduction of Recycling 2.0, Council’s new and innovative kerbside waste and recycling service. The new service redirects waste from landfill into local recycling streams, using more of our existing resources and taking less from our natural resources. Recycling 2.0 gives our community the opportunity to take charge of our waste. Together, ‘Let’s sort it out’.

The new Recycling 2.0 service, commencing 3 February, introduces a four bin system that separates and restreams your waste, leading to  better recycling outcomes.

The service includes:

  • a food and garden waste bin, with a light green lid, collected weekly
  • a new glass recycling bin, with a purple lid, collected every four weeks
  • existing household waste bins, with a dark green lid, collected fortnightly
  • existing recycling bins, with a yellow lid, collected fortnightly

Download a factsheet, which shows what can and can’t go in each bin, here(PDF, 8MB).

Download the Recycling 2.0 information booklet with full information about the service, here.(PDF, 6MB)

Resident's information

Council has sent letters to all Hobsons Bay residents to introduce the service and provide details about what items are accepted and not accepted in each bin. Download the letters here: December 2019(PDF, 678KB), January 2020(PDF, 763KB).

Updated bin collection calendars for some residents

For residents living in parts of Williamstown and Altona North there was a mistake on the bin collection calendar delivered in January. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. Digital calendars were corrected immediately, and updated print calendars are being delivered to affected residents from 13 February.

Additional trucks have been running to collect missed bins, and there is another special rubbish bin collection in affected areas Saturday 15 February.

A slight adjustment was made to collection calendar area boundaries that will affect future glass collections for some residents living in Williamstown, Seabrook and Seaholme. These residents will also receive new calendars from 13 February.