Planning Application Forms and Requests


Council has updated the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme through Amendment C131 including the introduction of new residential zones.

Further information on the new zones is available here.

All planning applications can be lodged through Council's Greenlight Portal. Choose one of the following types of applications or requests. See the Fact Sheets and Checklists page first to make sure you submit all the required information.

A fee is also required for all applications (except for some general enquiries), the Schedule of Fees (1 July 2023 - 30 June 2024)(PDF, 224KB) identifies the fees required for each application type. 

If you are using the Greenlight Portal for the first time, you must first complete a short registration process.

If you have lodged a planning permit application or other request, you can keep track of its progress as well as respond to requests for further information at the My Applications page. If the application does not appear on your My Applications list, please contact Town Planning on 1300 179 944.


Use this link to apply for any of the following:  

  • Amended Permit Application
  • Extension of Time Request
  • Request to Endorse Plans
  • Secondary Consent Request

Secondary Consent may be sought for some alterations to endorsed plans that form part of a Planning Permit.

Contact one of Council's Planning Officers on 1300 179 944 or if you are unsure if your proposal is suitable for Secondary Consent. 

We are here to help.

Click here to lodge a general planning enquiry.

If you have a planning question that is general in nature, or it’s early days and you don’t have any plans, you can:

  • contact Council on 1300 179 944 and ask to speak with a planning officer
  • visit the Hobsons Bay Civic Centre between 8.30am and 5pm to speak with a planning officer
  • Lodge a request online via Greenlight


The Planning Team encourages all applicants to submit preliminary plans and seek pre-application advice before lodging an application for a planning permit. A planning officer will provide advice on the suitability of the application and will identify any concerns or issues with the proposal early in the process, which will avoid lengthy delays during the application.

The pre-application advice does not guarantee that a planning permit will be issued. A full assessment of the proposal will be carried out during the application process. This may identify further issues, including those raised by any neighbouring property owners/occupiers during the advertising process.

 Pre-application advice can be found at this link

What you will need for a preliminary assessment:

All preliminary assessments must include a recent certificate of title (less than 90 days old) which can be obtained from

Development applications (residential, industrial, commercial etc.)

  • A neighbourhood and site description plan (site analysis) showing existing buildings on site and location of buildings on at least the adjoining properties (including habitable room windows and private open space areas where applicable)
  • Site/floor plans showing building footprint, setbacks, property boundaries etc
  • Elevation plans
  • If the land is subject to a heritage overlay, a materials and colours schedule

Change of use applications:

For new businesses or change of use or licensed premises, a written statement is required that includes:

  •  the nature of the use
  • hours of operation
  • number of staff
  • likely effects on the amenity of the neighbourhood
  • car parking provision and on site and surrounding uses

It is helpful if you give us as much information as you can so that we can give you the best advice possible.

Requesting planning approval is different to a planning permit application, and applies only in certain circumstances. Contact one of Council's Planning Officers on 1300 179 944 or if you are unsure if your proposal requires a Plan Approval.  

If you have confirmed with Council's Planning Officers that you need to lodge a Plan Approval please use the link below. 

Lodge a Plan Approval

Declaration for amendment to a Planning Permit Application(PDF, 180KB) 

Landscaping Bond Return Request(PDF, 150KB)

 To apply for any of the following please refer to the panel 'Lodge an Amendment or Other Request to an Existing Permit' above:

  • Amended Permit Application
  • Extension of Time Request
  • Request to Endorse Plans
  • Secondary Consent Request

Please lodge a request of demolition consent (Form A) online through Greenlight:

 Lodge Form A online