Property Information Requests

Any person can request building information relating to a specific property under Regulation 51 of the Building Regulations 2018.

  1. Any person can request details on any building permits obtained for a property in the preceding 10 years. This information includes building and occupancy permits, final certificate details and any outstanding building notices or orders made under the Building Act 1993.


  2. Requests can be made to obtain specific details affecting a property. This information is required when obtaining a building permit for new building works. Responses will include details as to whether or not the building or land is in an area:

    (a)    that is liable to flooding within the meaning of regulation 5(2)

    (b)    that is designated under regulation 150 as an area in which buildings are likely to be subject to attack by termites

    (c)    that is an area designated under regulation 152 as likely to be subject to significant snowfalls

    (d)    of designated land or works

    For the purpose of obtaining a building permit for new building works, planning permit information and requirements can be obtained and included in responses made under Regulation 51(2).

  3. An owner, mortgagee or prescribed building practitioner under Section 137B of the Building Act 1993 can request inspection approval dates of the mandatory notification stages for building work carried out on that building or land. (Not all inspection approval dates may be available).