FAQ for Road projects

Frequently Asked Questions

If road rehabilitation, road resurfacing or traffic treatment works are occurring in your street, you may have concerns about possible effects the works may cause to access, waste collection and car parking. Please see our frequently asked questions below for common questions residents have.

For further information, please contact us on 1300 179 944 or email customerservice@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au

What time during the day will the works start?

The construction will be undertaken in compliance with EPA regulations. The regulations state works can be carried out between 7am and 6pm Monday to Saturday without resident notification. For any works performed outside these hours, resident notification is required. In industrial areas and on high-use roads, some weekend and late night works are undertaken, as this is the most efficient and least disruptive way of completing works.

Will it be noisy?

Every effort will be made to minimise the noise level from the construction activities, however due to OHS regulations, reversing beepers are required.

What access issues will this cause to my house?

Council will make you aware of any disruptions and access issues in your street and to your residence and advise of steps taken to overcome these issues during construction. While you may not have vehicle access at all times during construction, pedestrian access will be available. Outside hours of work, vehicle access will be temporarily reinstated.

What will be the impacts on car parking?

During hours of work, car parking may be unavailable in your street in areas directly affected by works. However parking in a driveway or other off-street parking spaces will be made temporarily available outside hours of work. On-street parking may not be available at all while your section of works is being complete. Council will do everything to minimise parking impacts to all residents.

Will the whole process be completed at once?

Council aims to complete the project as efficiently as possible and most road resurfacing projects and traffic treatment works will be completed at once. In the case of road rehabilitation projects, Council generally applies the final asphalt layer 12 months later to allow for settlement of the road pavement.

Will the construction works affect my rubbish collection?

No, waste collection remains unaffected, you can continue as per normal and put your rubbish bins out for collection on the appropriate day. If the truck is unable to reach your bin, the contractors will move your bin to an accessible spot for the truck and they will then return your bin to its normal collection location.

How do I get a street added to the road resurfacing / rehabilitation list or a traffic treatment considered?

Council undertakes audits in order to determine which of our roads are of greatest priority for road resurfacing or rehabilitation. Your road has been assessed by independent experts and placed in a priority list according to the severity of road issues and usage of the street. If you have a concern about a traffic issue in your street and believe a traffic treatment may improve conditions, contact Council on customerservice@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au