Level Crossing Removal Project

The Victorian State Government will remove 110 dangerous level crossings around Melbourne by 2030. 

72 have been removed so far; three were in Hobsons Bay:

  • Kororoit Creek Road, Altona (adjacent to Mobil)
  • Aviation Road, Laverton (adjacent to Aircraft Station)
  • Ferguson Street, Williamstown North (adjacent to North Williamstown Station)

The Victorian Government recently announced the closure of two more level crossings and the removal of the remaining three on the Werribee line before 2030, located at:

• Hudsons Road, Spotswood by 2028

• Maddox Road, Newport by 2026

• Maidstone Street, Altona by 2027

• Champion Road, Newport (closure)

• Anderson Street, Yarraville (closure)

For details of above, visit www.levelcrossings.vic.gov.au 

Latest news

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 12 July 2023, Council established two Level Crossing Removal Community Interest Groups (CIG’s) for the following projects:


1. Champion Road and Maddox Road, Newport

2. Hudsons Road, Spotswood


The Groups contain diverse community representation from the local areas and will assist Council in its advocacy efforts on these significant infrastructure projects.


While Council welcomes the removal of the level crossings, Council is renewing its call to the state government to rethink the closure of Champion Road as part of its level crossing removal program.

Council is disappointed in the lack of consultation before the Champion Road’s planned closure was announced by the Victorian Government in October 2022, and is seeking a meeting with relevant ministers to urge the government to consider alternatives.

As a major thoroughfare between Newport West and Williamstown, Council believes Champion Road’s closure would cause significant disruption between the two suburbs and further overload already congested routes along Mason Street in Newport and Maddox Road in Newport/Williamstown.   


Our role

LXRP is part of the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority and the projects fall under Victoria’s Big Build. For more information visit www.levelcrossings.vic.gov.au

Council acknowledges that these large-scale infrastructure projects have lasting impacts on surrounding communities. Throughout the process, Council will work to represent the views and opinions of the community.

In March 2016 Hobsons Bay City Council adopted a set of guiding principles for grade separation projects in Hobsons Bay to present to the state government. Their purpose is to ensure that local amenity is protected and the best possible outcomes are achieved.

The principles apply in the planning, design, consultation and implementation of any grade separation project within Hobsons Bay. They are in place to ensure that level crossing removals are well integrated with the local area and that community amenity is protected. The principles are:

• a value-for-money outcome

• an efficient road network

• a connected community

• conservation of special values

• minimal impact on adjacent private land

• quality public places

• allowance for future development

• a safe and accessible precinct

• an integrated transport hub

• an environmentally responsible development

• a development that addresses community concerns and aspirations

You can view the Hobsons Bay Grade Separation Principles(PDF, 3MB) here.