GreenLine Better Places Project


GreenLine is the largest scale and most ambitious project incorporated into the Better Places vision for Spotswood and South Kingsville. With the community concern over traffic congestion in the local area, and with the population projected to double over the next 15 years, it is clear that there needs to be a significant step taken towards providing an efficient and practical alternative to private vehicle usage.

The vision for GreenLine is to provide major east-west and north-south active transport corridors that run through the heart of Spotswood and South Kingsville, and will link all key destinations including the major future development precincts, schools, Spotswood Station, and village centres. GreenLine will also connect through to the Federation Trail and West Gate Tunnel veloway, providing a direct active transport link to Melbourne CBD and the regional cycling network.

Use the map to see the East-West (EW) and North-South (NS) GreenLine sections. Then use the drop-down menus to see how each section is being planned.


North-South GreenLine

The North-South GreenLine runs along Hall Street in Spotswood and Newport from Stony Creek in the north to High Street in the south. The route has three main sections and is planned to be delivered in stages. 

NS1 - North-South GreenLine (Section 1)

GreenLine on Hall Street between Stony Creek and Hudsons Road will be delivered in two stages. First, the West Gate Tunnel Project will deliver a three-metre-wide shared use path on the western side of Hall Street (near completion). In future financial years, we will reconstruct this section of Hall Street to provide drainage upgrades, greening, footpath widening at the Spotswood Hotel, and one-way traffic flow. We consulted impacted businesses in 2022.

Click here to view the concept plans.(PDF, 4MB)

NS2 - North-South GreenLine (Section 2)

GreenLine on Hall Street between Craig Street and High Street will be delivered in two stages as part of road renewal works. This will include a new road pavement on Hall Street and a separated cycleway on the western side of the road.

Click here to view the concept plans.(PDF, 3MB)

NS3 - North-South GreenLine (Section 3)

The design and delivery time frame for connecting the northern and southern sections of the North-South GreenLine through Spotswood Station will be dependent on the Level Crossing Removal Project. Council will advocate for the GreenLine to be extended through the station precinct with off-road paths and/or protected cycleways.

East-West GreenLine

The East-West GreenLine runs from New Street in South Kingsville to the Bay Trail in Spotswood along Brunel Street, Moresby Street, Birmingham Street, McLister Street, and Craig Street. The route is planned to be delivered in four main sections.

EW1 - East-West GreenLine (Section 1)

We have started detailed engineering design for the East-West GreenLine along Birmingham Street and McLister Street based on the concept plan available below. The concept plan was developed following community feedback on the options assessment in 2022. This section of the project will be considered for delivery as part of the future capital works program.

Click here to view the concept plans.(PDF, 20MB)

EW2 - East-West GreenLine (Section 2)

Concept planning and community consultation is planned to begin in the 2024/25 financial year for GreenLine along Brunel Street and Moresby Street. Once concept planning is complete, this section will move to detailed engineering design and will be considered for delivery as part of the forward capital works program.

EW3 - East-West GreenLine (Section 3)

Craig Street is intended to be a low-traffic, shared carriageway environment. Public realm improvements (such as landscaping and traffic calming) are yet to be determined, however, the design and delivery of the project will be coordinated with the developer at 65 Craig Street, who is required to provide a contribution towards infrastructure improvements on Craig Street.

Additionally, Council, in consultation with the Department of Transport and Planning, has completed concept planning for a new signalised raised table intersection with walking and cycling crossings on Douglas Parade at Craig Street. Delivery of the new intersection will require external funding.

Click here to view the concept plan for the crossing at Douglas Parade.(PDF, 530KB)

EW4 - East-West GreenLine (Section 4)

The design and delivery timeframe for connecting the East-West GreenLine between McLister Street and Craig Street across the railway line will be dependent on the Level Crossing Removal Project. Council will advocate for a crossing to be included as part of the new station design.