Flemings Pool Pedestrian Access


Council will undertake beach cleaning at Flemings Pool following the recent reconstruction of the pedestrian access ramp.

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Extent of cleaning works in Flemings Pool

These works will commence on Thursday 13 February 2020 and take approximately two weeks to complete, weather dependent.  

In the event of high winds or storm surge, the works will be suspended and will recommence as soon as conditions allow.  To ensure that the site is properly cleaned, these works will occur around low tide.

Due to the nature and size of the cleaning equipment that will be used, Flemings Pool will be closed to the public each day, for approximately three hours on either side of low tide (which varies daily), to ensure the ongoing safety at the site during the works. Works onsite will not stop until the site is completely cleaned.

Flemings Pool will reopen each day once the contractors have finished the works onsite. 

The project contractors will advise pool users of the daily closure 30 minutes in advance of works commencing to enable users to safely vacate the site.

  Flemings Pool

About Flemings Pool 

Flemings Pool is located adjacent to Millers Road, south of the Altona Esplanade. Located within the Seaholme rock reef, Flemings Pool has long been used by the local community members and visitors as a swimming hole for families. Flemings pool is also a popular launch area for kayakers and snorklers interested in the surrounding rock reef.

In 2017 Council upgraded the stormwater drainage on Millers Road which included upgrading and extending the drainage outfall at Millers Road. The rock armour around the outfall was also reconstructed as a part of these works. During autumn and winter of 2017, large storm surges hit the coastline and associated tidal movements dragged existing sand from Flemings Pool out into the bay. Council undertook further works to reinforce the seawall and access ramp at Flemings Pool, which had been damaged during these storm surges. Local community members and regular users of Flemings Pool raised their concerns with Council regarding the sand movement, the changed environment at Flemings Pool and the infiltration of seaweed onto the beach.

Council undertook a coastal assessment to determine the coastal processes that were impacting the sand volumes and profile. This assessment concluded that while the majority of sand was remaining within Flemings Pool, there was movement of sand in an easterly direction outside the revetment line.

Who were the Flemings family?

Annie and Lawrence Fleming, with their children, moved to Altona in 1914, taking up residents in their Blyth Street home. Altona consisted of 11 houses and a population of 20. The Flemings were civic minded leaders who established much needed community services in the young settlement. They had an affinity with the beach and it is very likely their Blyth Street property was the closest household to this popular swimming hole. Over the years this had become known as Flemings Pool in recognition of the valuable role the family played in the development of Altona.

(taken from the Interpretative Panel, Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail)


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