Bent Street Vehicle Access Ramp

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Council is undertaking a range of works to protect the community and residential infrastructure along the Altona and Seaholme foreshore from the negative impacts of climate change, such as sea level rise and the increasing intensity and frequency of storm events. As part of these works sections of the seawall will be closed.

There is a need to maintain vehicle access to the beach for the Altona Lifesaving Club, emergency service vehicles, beach grooming and seaweed collection. After careful assessment, it has been determined that two vehicle access ramps are required to achieve access across the Altona and Seaholme Foreshore.

To achieve functionality for the trucks that need to access the foreshore and to ensure the ongoing safety of users of the Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail, the vehicle access ramp needs to accommodate a truck on a raised platform extending out into the beach.


Perspective aerial image of the Bent Street Vehicle Access Ramp showing a truck clearly off the shared trail 

This raised platform will be at a height of 1.7m above current sea level (AHD) to accommodate for the predicted sea level rise for 2070. Alongside this a seawall to height of 2.4m AHD will surround the raised platform. At Bent Street our seawall currently sits at 1.86 AHD.

Does that mean that the seawall will be 2.4m above the road?

No. The current seawall at Bent Street sits at 1.86m AHD.  Raising the seawall to 2.4m AHD means we will be raising the seawall approx 50cm at Bent Street.

Is this seawall rise consistent across the entire seawall?

No. The seawall follows the topography of the land which while flat, does have some undulation. 


Perspective image of the Bent Street Vehicle Access Ramp from Bent Street, Altona 

Similar to the recently constructed McBain Street Vehicle Access Ramp, the existing picnic areas on the road side of the seawall will be moved and incorporated into the raised platform along with a shade structure. A pedestrian ramp enabling users to access the accessible beach matting is also included in the design.

Similar to the other pedestrian and vehicle access ramps along the sand, tiered steps will surround the front of the seawall. These steps have two functions: they act as a wave dispersal mechanism, dispersing the power of the waves along the entire height of the seawall rather than having the full force of a wave hitting the top of the seawall; and they also have an aesthetic function, as they provide people with informal seating and congregation points without accessing the sand.



 Perspective image of the Bent Street Vehicle Access Ramp showing tiered seating and the accessible beach matting.

Currently Council accesses the beach two to three times a week to remove the build-up of seaweed on the foreshore. This work is predominantly undertaken early in the morning before most visitors arrive at the foreshore. The vehicle access platform and ramps will be inaccessible to the public while they are in use, however outside these times the platforms will be accessible to the general public.

Construction Update

Construction work on the Bent Street Vehicle Access Ramp has started. The works are scheduled for completed by late September 2019.


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