Volunteer in Hobsons Bay

Vinnies 2021 Volunteer Week

Many community groups and organisations in Hobsons Bay are keen to recruit new volunteers. Share your time and skills to help make a difference in your local area. 


Use one of these starting points to find the right volunteer role for you:

      Volunteer West is a local organisation that helps match people with local volunteer groups and organisations. Phone 1800 123 865.

Alternatively, you may wish to approach local community organisations that align with your interests and values, and ask them directly about how you may be able to get involved as a volunteer.

Volunteering in an emergency

Many people are interested in volunteering in an emergency. Events such as floods, bushfires or pandemics may require new volunteers, potentially for short-term or longer-term roles. 

If you are interested in volunteering during an emergency or recovery, it is important to understand what your ongoing capacity is to support the efforts. Keep this in mind as you approach organisations and opportunities. Family commitments and work responsibilities must be considered when assessing your availability. 

You may sign up prior to an emergency, ensuring that you have the training, skills and experience needed to help a volunteer organisation when the next emergency happens. 

In an emergency, organisations may not recruit new volunteers, however you may consider signing up for their recruitment emails or follow their social media to see when and how they advertise their roles through the recovery stages. 

You may also consider informal volunteering through the community and organisations that you are already a part of / member of.  Supporting your family and friends or neighbours locally may be the most impactful use of your time and resources, supporting their sustainability and resilience through this emergency. 

Self-care should also be considered throughout an emergency, noting personal health, family and household wellbeing, sustainable energy levels and financial capacity.

For emergency volunteering opportunities, you may wish to register on WeVolunteer which helps connect people interested in essential service volunteering with emergency service organisations.

The Victorian State Government website also has a comprehensive list of emergency service organisations that provide volunteering opportunities. Click here for the list and contact details.

General information about volunteering

Volunteering Victoria has put together some great general advice and tips for anyone considering volunteering during the pandemic.

Please note that self-care should be considered throughout this entire period, noting personal health, family/household wellbeing, sustainable energy levels and financial capacity.

Don’t forget to monitor the latest advice and restrictions from the Department of Health and Human Services too, as some types of volunteering may not be possible during periods of government restrictions.