Hobsons Bay Inter-Agency Network

The Inter-Agency Network facilitates a two-way knowledge exchange where workers from local community service organisations and volunteer groups share information and learn about local services and emerging issues in the Hobsons Bay area.

While the meetings are structured, the atmosphere is friendly and informal.  Guest speakers or discussions and an update  from Council open most meetings, followed by time for agency service updates and information sharing. The meetings are a great way for new workers, workers new to the area and established practitioners alike to build their knowledge about local support services and stay abreast of topics important to the community and community sector.

Agency updates are provided to members in between meetings.

The Inter-Agency Network is:

• local, place-based in Hobsons Bay

• community-led, participatory, democratic and collaborative

• open and transparent

• informal, flexible and agile responding to emerging community issues

Download a copy of the Statement of Purpose(PDF, 219KB).

Meeting dates for 2024:

Tuesday 27 February, Hobsons Bay Civic Centre, 1pm-3pm

Tuesday 30 April, Hobsons Bay Civic Centre, 1pm-3pm

Tuesday 25 June, Hobsons Bay Civic Centre, 1pm-3pm

Tuesday 27 August, Hobsons Bay Civic Centre, 1pm-3pm

Tuesday 29 October, Hobsons Bay Civic Centre, 1pm-3pm

Tuesday 3 December, Hobsons Bay Civic Centre, 2pm-4pm

For more information about the Hobsons Bay Inter-Agency Network and to join, please contact: commdev@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au