Seaworks Maritime Precinct

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Nestled in the heart of historic Williamstown, Seaworks is an active and vibrant maritime site devoted to the preservation of the Victoria’s maritime history.


The Seaworks site has been pivotal to Australia’s Maritime History as the place where the Enterprize set anchor during the foundation of Melbourne in 1835, the facility for ship repairs during World War II, and serviced and built vessels for the Port of Melbourne, Australia’s first independent port authority and busiest port operations.



Today, Seaworks welcomes tall ships from around the globe and the Discovery Centre hosts an impressive collection of artefacts, models and bells, showcasing the many stories and events that make up the maritime history of the Port of Melbourne. It also hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year.

Maritime Museum Open Hours

Wednesday and Sunday 11am - 3pm. Limit of 20 people in the museum at any one time



$5 per Adult
$10 per Family

82 Nelson Place, Williamstown




P: 0417 292 021