The Strand

the strand.jpg

The Strand was where Williamstown’s wealthiest citizens lived. The grandest residence, ‘Maritimo’, was built in 1885, and ‘redeveloped’ as units in 1973, before people became more conscious of the need to preserve their heritage. Its elaborate wrought iron fence was preserved, at 8 The Strand.

A few beautiful houses from the Victorian age have survived. Enthusiasts will enjoy viewing ‘Mandalay’ at number 24, numbers 10, 11 and 12 are of interest, and also the ‘White House’, a lovely and compact masterpiece of Edwardian housing, which still stands at 5 The Strand.

Another interesting house in Williamstown is the Tudor House (1884), on the corner of Pasco Street and Electra Street, a short (3 block) detour from Nelson Place.