Enterprize, Melbourne Tallship


Steeped in history, the Enterprize is a replica of John Pascoe Fawkner’s Schooner Enterprize, the ship that sailed from Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) in 1835 with the first permanent white settlers to start what has become the City of Melbourne.


The Enterprize operates tall ship sailing cruises, evening sails, overnight adventure sails, offshore (coastal) voyages, school education programs, sail training voyages and private charters.


The Enterprize includes access for those people with a disability. Most wheelchairs will fit on the gangway, which is 60cm wide however there is normally a small step (approximately 15-20cm) at the top and/or bottom of the gangway. Please note, however, that the only toilets onboard are down a ladder. Most piers and jetties have accessible toilets nearby.

Sailing Dates & Bookings

For upcoming sailing dates and bookings visit the Enterprize Melbourne website at www.enterprize.org.au/calendar



P: (03) 9621 1294

E: sailing@enterprize.org.au

W: www.enterprize.org.au

F: www.facebook.com/tallshipenterprize