Public Art

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The physical environment contributes to the culture of the city, which is strongly linked to its maritime, heritage, environment, industry and lifestyle. Hobsons Bay was an early adopter of a public art strategy, with a number of artworks commissioned including six along the Bay Trail, with a series of markers and interpretive panels that inform and celebrate its physical, cultural and social context. 


Biennually in September Hobsons Bay programs Art in Public Places which is a month-long, multi venue celebration of art and ideas, in all their forms. Everyday spaces become art sites as we discover artwork and artists from around the world and around the corner. Art in Public Places reminds us of the importance of public space for its ability to host diverse social exchanges and the communication of ideas to those who seek them, and those who happen upon them, in equal measure.


Information about Hobsons Bay’s public art can be downloaded via the Hobsons Bay City Council website.