Newport Railway Museum

Newport Railway museum

The Railway Museum has on display the largest collection of Victorian Railways steam locomotives. There are more than 15 different locomotives, ranging from the diminutive F class up to the H class, the largest locomotive to operate in Victoria. Come and see the evolution of steam power on the railways.


In the days before mobile cranes, the Victorian Railways had their own. On display you will find 3 examples of steam cranes including No. 19, a 60-tonne crane used at derailments.


The 1950's heralded the era of the diesel locomotives. Cleaner and more efficient, the early diesel locomotives quickly displaced the steam locomotives from regular service. Now displaced themselves by more powerful locomotives, the ground-breaking diesel locomotives are now on display in the Railway Museum too.


Other equipment on display includes electric locomotives, suburban and country passenger carriages, guard’s vans and a selection of freight wagons.


Open Hours

The Newport Railway Museum is open from 12pm to 5pm every Saturday and open on Sundays during school holiday periods.

Visit the museum website to check current opening hours and details of any upcoming special events.



26 Champion Road, Newport



P: 9397 7412 (only attended during opening hours)

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