Multi-Unit Dwellings

Shared bins

If you live in an apartment block, unit or MUD, we understand that space within your property or the common property may not allow storage of four bins per unit. There are four overall options for you:

  1. Standard Service - Each unit, flat or apartment has their own set of four bins
  2. Shared Bins - For the whole property or apartment block
  3. Shared Bins - For some units or dwellings in the block
  4. Private Waste and Recycling Service - The whole property or apartment block having a private service and no bins provided by Council to any units, flats or apartments

Requesting shared bins

Before shared bins can be provided, there are some steps to do first. Unfortunately, one resident cannot make a decision on behalf of others. 

If your property is managed by an Owners Corporation (formerly Body Corporate), we need a written request from an authorised representative.

If your property is not managed by an Owners Corporation, you need written agreement from the ratepayer of each dwelling who wishes to share bins. This could be the whole block or just some units or dwellings. 

Please complete the Multi-unit Dwelling (MUD) / Apartment Request for Shared Bins(PDF, 232KB) form and forward it to Hobsons Bay City Council.

Following receipt of this written request, a staff member will contact you and work to get the right set of bins for your needs. Note that there may be approximately a 3-4 week wait from receipt of your completed request to process this.

Private collection service

If the whole block has decided to move to a private service an authorised representative of the Owners Corporation will need to provide a written request. This may require a meeting of the Owners Corporation to be called and held in order to authorise this. You should refer to your Owners Corporation rules or the model rules for them at Consumer Affairs Victoria