Cardboard Collection

cardboard collection

Council operates a Wednesday collection of cardboard from commercial properties.

How to register

To access the cardboard recycling service your business must:

  • use and pay for Council’s kerbside waste service
  • pay for at least one additional 240 litre mixed recycling bin
  • have cardboard recycling requirements that exceed this additional volume

If recycling bins cannot contain the amount of cardboard the business produces, contact Council on 1300 179 944 to register for the weekly cardboard service.

Criteria for collection

Cardboard must be:

  • bundled and tied
  • placed onto the kerb outside your premises on Tuesday evening or by 6am Wednesday, for collection on Wednesday, ensuring clear pedestrian access
  • able to be lifted with ease by one person
  • no more than five manageable bundles of cardboard, equivalent to one cubic metre

If the business has limited kerbside or pedestrian access, please contact Council on 1300 179 944 to arrange an alternate collection point.

What will not be collected

  • waxed cardboard
  • incorrectly placed or excessive cardboard
  • other types of waste
  • cardboard with food remains
  • polystyrene
  • plastic

Missed Collections

A notice will be placed on your cardboard if it does not comply with Council’s guidelines.

Please check that cardboard is placed on the kerb the Tuesday evening prior or by 6am Wednesday, and that it has met collection criteria.

Contact Council on 1300 179 944 to report a missed collection. Uncollected cardboard must be removed from the kerb until such time.

Council will not return to collect inappropriately placed or contaminated cardboard.