Business/commercial properties

Commercial, industrial and other non-residential properties that generate a similar type and amount of waste as a household can elect to receive Council’s Standard Waste Service with the same entitlements and charge as residential properties.

Unlike households, the requirement for businesses to sort recoverable materials is not clearly defined in the Recycling Victoria Policy. For this reason, Council can currently offer more flexibility in bin options for non-residential properties accessing the kerbside waste collection service.

Options are outlined below:

New and additional bins or change the size of an existing bin

Click to opt into Council's four bin waste service, order additional bins or change the size of an existing bin.

Reduced service (Limited Commercial Service)

Non-residential users that do not generate organic and/or glass waste in their operations may choose to receive a ‘Limited Commercial Service’ that consists of a 120L rubbish bin collected weekly and a 240L mixed recycling bin fortnightly, with an optional food and garden waste or glass recycling bin if required.

If this option is selected, businesses should take any food scraps and glass waste produced on-site home for recycling, noting that glass cannot be placed in the mixed recycling bin.

Click here to choose a limited Commercial Service option.

Withdraw from a bin service

Click here to withdraw from a bin service.

Please forward completed forms to or mail to Hobsons Bay City Council, PO Box 21, Altona VIC 3018.