Public Recycling bins rollout

Recycling glass, cans, paper, cardboard and some plastics will be made possible in Hobsons Bay’s great outdoors with a three-bin system being installed in popular parks, reserves and beaches across the city.

A total of 200 bins will be installed across 13 locations with general rubbish, mixed recycling and glass recycling bins at each location. 

Locations include:

  • Cherry Lake
  • Altona Boat Ramp
  • WG Cresser Reserve
  • Altona Foreshore
  • Williamstown Beach
  • Fearon Reserve
  • Williamstown Botanic Gardens
  • Point Gellibrand Reserve
  • Newport Lakes
  • Greenwich Reserve
  • Logan Reserve
  • AB Shaw Reserve
  • 100 steps 
  • Nelson Place, Williamstown
  • Pier Street, Altona


What can be recycled in the public yellow mixed recycling bin?

Please use the yellow mixed recycling bins to recycle:

  • cans (aluminium packaging)
  • plastic bottles
  • paper and magazines. 

When recycled correctly, plastic items can be repurposed and re-made into new products such as bottles, plastic bollards, pallets, fence or barrier railing and casing around electric cabling.


What can be recycled in the public purple glass bin?

Please use the purple mixed recycling bin to recycle: 

  • glass bottles
  • glass jars


What goes in the red general waste bin?

Please dispose of the following in the red general waste bin:

  • food waste
  • polystyrene food storage/packaging 
  • plastic bags
  • coffee cups and lids


Why are we introducing the three-bin system in open spaces?

The introduction of mixed and glass recycling bins in open spaces is part of Council’s broader Waste and Litter Management Strategy 2025. The strategy focuses on avoiding, reusing and recycling waste and litter, and the recovery of resources. Results from a waste audit showed the three-bin system was optimal for public bins. 

The rollout builds on Council’s work upgrading bin capacities and increasing bin pickup frequency. 

Stage 2 of the bin rollout program will be installing bins in retail centres. 

As part of the initial rollout, Council is asking for feedback on whether the messaging on the bins is clear and if there were any issues using the bins.