Electronic waste

From 1 July 2019, all e-waste was banned from Victorian landfills. This means that e-waste cannot go into any household bins.

The e-waste landfill ban helps keep toxic materials and valuable resources out of landfill and encourages e-waste recycling.

What is e-waste?

Electronic waste (e-waste) is electronic appliances that are obsolete and of no use to their owners. This includes appliances that are powered by batteries or those that plug into electric outlets. Most of these items can be refurbished for reuse or recycled.

About 500 illegally dumped televisions and computers are collected by Council each year. Council also collects about 300 electronic waste items monthly, including 100 televisions, through the hard waste collection service. 

A growing problem

The amount of electronic waste is rapidly increasing as appliances and gadgets play a bigger role in our daily lives. Consider:

  • thinking twice about purchasing the 'latest and greatest' electronic gadget (reduce)
  • giving your electronic items in good, working condition another life by gifting or selling the item on a second-hand marketplace (reuse)
  • donating items in good, working condition to a local charity. West Welcome Wagon accepts donations of some electronic items. Contact donate@westwelcomewagon.org.au for drop off details. 

Book your free annual hard waste collection

E-waste is collected as part of Council's hard waste service. 

Permitted items are compacted in a collection truck before being sent to a local materials recovery centre. The electronic components are then separated for processing. For more information and to book a collection, please visit Hard waste.

"Recycling Made Easy" near you

The Recycling Made Easy (RME) hubs stationed at 13 libraries and community centres across Hobsons Bay make recycling small household items easy and accessible.

Small e-waste items such as mobile phones, cameras, device batteries and accessories can be recycled through this service. 

Find RME locations and accepted items(PDF, 2MB)

Other places where e-waste can be recycled?

Drop-off sites in the west, within approximately 30 minutes of the Hobsons Bay Civic Centre. 

Free drop-off

Fees apply

Please note - It is recommended you contact these providers prior to visiting to ensure they accept your items. 

      174 Old Geelong Road, Brooklyn, VIC 3012

      Phone: (03) 8391 1480

Find local recycling options for household items

To find out if recycling options are available for a household item, use the search tool:Click here to find which bin does this go in

Find the Which bin function on Council's free Recycling 2.0 App. To download it to your smartphone, visit the App Store or Google Play and search 'Recycling 2.0'. Click here for more information about the Recycling 2.0 app. STRAT02940 - FOGO Recycling - HandPhone_Asset.jpg

Alternatively, visit Planet Ark's Recycling Near You website.