Commercial bins

Council’s Recycling 2.0 ‘Let’s sort it out’ service will go live on 1 February 2020! We are introducing a new four bin system that will divert waste from landfill and increase high value recyclable material being generated into new products.

In light of the new service coming soon, Council is no longer processing requests for:

  • rubbish and recycling bins for new commercial properties

  • new garden waste bins kerbside service (increase or decrease of current garden bins will still be processed)

As the new bins roll out through January 2020, each household has the opportunity to assess their unique waste and recycling needs and will have the opportunity to request larger rubbish and green waste bins, as well as additional bins of all four bins. Applications will be made available in February 2020 on Council’s website once the new service has commenced.

Recycling 2.0


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