Green Schools Program

The Green Schools program aims to increase canopy cover in Hobsons Bay, green our schools, increase wildlife corridors by providing habitat for native animals and encourage students to engage with the natural world whilst taking action against Climate Change in their own school.

By joining this program your school can create more green spaces for students which, studies have shown, can help reduce stress, anxiety, improve mental focus and our overall mood. Planting trees around your school grounds will help to provide shade for students and habitat for native birds, fostering a learning environment that connects students directly to the natural environment around them.

What your school will receive

Hobsons Bay Council will support up to 10 local schools each year to plant native trees around their school grounds. EOI applications are accepted throughout the year (or until allocations have been filled) but planting should be completed by the end of winter to give your trees the best chance of survival throughout the warmer months. Schools that are accepted into the program will receive:

  • 25 - 100 FREE indigenous native trees and plants to be planted around your school grounds (tubestock pots). 
  • Tree guards (one for each tree) to help keep your trees growing strong and tall.
  • Mulch to be used around the base of the trees, delivered by Council (optional). 

Project Guidelines

  • Your school will have suitable space for trees and plants around your school yard.
  • Be able to run an inclusive planting event that students can participate in, taking action into their own hands.
  • Participating schools need to supply their own equipment needed for your planting (shovels, watering tools, etc).

Other Recommendations

  • Trees should be planted at 3m apart, large shrubs to be planted 2m apart,
  • As conditions can be harsh in Hobsons Bay, we recommend planting your trees into mulched garden beds, or providing a ring of mulch around each tree (1m in diameter/100mm thick). Trees that are planted into mulched areas grow significantly quicker and stronger than others. The mulch helps to retain water in the soil and keep the tree's roots cool.
  • Plant trees into holes that have been dug twice the size of the pot/root ball,
  • If you choose to install tree stakes at a later stage, they should be placed next to each tree with a tie loosely connecting the tree to the stake. This will help support the tree in windy conditions whilst establishing a strong hold in the ground.
  • Give newly planted trees a very deep watering for the first two weeks, and then weekly after that until the tree is established.
  • Any guards/stakes can be removed from the trees once they have become established, approximately one year after planting.

Submit your expression of interest for 2024

Please complete the below form. You will need to upload a map of your school with the nominated planting areas and the location the trees should be delivered to. 

Please use the below form to register interest in the 2024 Green Schools program. 


Green-Schools-planting-and-maintenance-guide.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Green-Schools-species-information-2023.pdf(PDF, 2MB)