Green Industries - Pest Animal/Species Management


Pest animals pose a significant threat to the environment, primary production and community health. In Hobsons Bay these include but are not limited to rabbits, foxes, cats and common mynas. 
These species have profound impacts on natural ecosystems, including predation, habitat destruction, competition, and the spread of diseases, posing significant risks to native plants and animals. 

The Biodiversity Strategy of Hobsons Bay prioritizes municipal-wide pest animal control efforts. To achieve this, we are collaborating with private landowners to implement comprehensive management strategies to safeguard biodiversity.

If you're a business in Hobsons Bay, you can benefit from participating in pest animal management efforts. To express interest, please complete this form.

Council support for pest animal management:
We provide support to businesses through consultation, recommendations, and partial funding for various pest animal management activities, that may include:

  • Fencing works (e.g., rabbit-proof skirting)
  • Rabbit harbour removal
  • Fox den fumigation

Biodiversity corridors:
Biodiversity corridors offer interconnected pathways to safeguard diverse ecosystems, promoting genetic resilience that enables species to adapt to environmental changes. These corridors allow movement between isolated populations providing food and shelter for both native and migratory fauna.

Biodiversity corridors will be the priority for Pest Animal/Species Management in the Green Industries program.


Biodiversity Strategy 2024-34:

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity within industrial areas is a key objective identified in our Biodiversity Strategy 2024-34. As part of our strategic objectives, we have outlined specific actions to achieve municipal wide pest animal management:

Action 4.3
Provide support to industry and private landowners to implement landscape scale pest species control and habitat connectivity.