Green Industries - Habitat Gardens


The Habitat Gardens in Hobsons Bay program has expanded into industrial areas and we are inviting all local businesses to participate. Our initiative aims to foster vibrant, sustainable garden scapes that not only beautify your surroundings, but also provide essential habitat for our native wildlife.

By joining our program, your business will gain access to valuable resources, including garden consultation and a supply of free indigenous plants native to our local area.

To express your interest in creating a thriving garden space that supports our local ecosystem, simply complete the form provided viaGreen Industries - Habitat Gardens Expression of Interest

Why Habitat Gardens are important - 

The Habitat Gardens program champions the use of local indigenous plants, fostering habitat that connects with conservation reserves and promotes broader ecosystem connectivity. In a landscape often threatened by pollution, habitat loss, and invasive species, planting indigenous flora offers numerous benefits:

  • Providing essential food and shelter for urban wildlife.
  • Enhancing biodiversity and genetic diversity within ecosystems.
  • Improving overall ecosystem health.
  • Establishing vital connections between green spaces, creating biodiversity corridors.

Biodiversity Corridors:
Biodiversity corridors offer interconnected pathways to safeguard diverse ecosystems, promoting genetic resilience that enables species to adapt to environmental changes. These corridors allow movement between isolated populations providing food and shelter for both native and migratory fauna.

Biodiversity corridors will be the priority for Habitat gardens in the Green Industries program.


Biodiversity Strategy 2024-34

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity and native grasslands within industrial areas is a key objective identified in our Biodiversity Strategy 2024-34 and Draft Industrial Land Management Strategy 2023-38. As part of our strategic objectives, we have outlined specific actions to expand the Habitat Gardens program and support habitat connectivity within targeted areas:

Action 3.4
Expand the municipal wide Habitat Gardens in Hobsons Bay program to targeted areas for greater ecosystem connectivity. Staged expansion to include significant biodiversity corridors and industrial areas.