Cool Streets

What is Cool Streets?

Cool Streets is an initiative to empower communities to cool the planet, one street at a time.

The Cool Streets methodology combines scientific research with public engagement to plant street trees that provide shade in heat-affected urban areas and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By working with local communities, it builds capacity and understanding of the role, function and importance of street trees in urban areas so that trees become a valued part of the urban environment.

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Cool Streets in Hobsons Bay

The Cool Streets Hobsons Bay project is designed to help Council implement effective street tree plantings that provide shade in heat-affected areas along with other benefits including:

  • air quality
  • wildlife habitat
  • reduced stormwater run-off

The Cool Streets project was first trialled in Walshe Court and Pringle Place in Altona Meadows.

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Between February and August 2019, residents provided feedback to Council exploring opportunities to improve the microclimate, build climate resilience and create liveable spaces through street tree modifications.

The two streets in Altona Meadows were selected based on their vulnerability to increased heat and their capacity to accommodate new tree planting.

Walshe Court is a north south oriented street with varying verge dimensions, and Pringle Place, an east west oriented cul de sac. Both streets had overhead power lines and limited street tree canopy cover.

Community consultation sessions guided the design, layout and planting of street trees in the two streets. The feedback was loud and clear with residents supporting larger canopy street tree plantings.  


Will we get more Cool Streets in our city?

Due to the success of the pilot program in Altona Meadows, Council will run the Cool Streets program annually!

Hobsons Bay has low tree canopy coverage compared to the rest of Melbourne’s suburbs and council’s goal is to increase tree canopy cover across the municipality.

This year, 2020, the streets that will become Cool Streets are:

  • Primula Ave (east end) in Brooklyn
  • Abbot Street South in South Kingsville and
  • Bruce Street South in Altona Meadows.

These streets abut the Westgate freeway and are vulnerable to increased heat and poor air quality.

If you live in one of these three streets, you are invited to take part in a survey at by 14 August.


Check out these before and after shots:

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Cool streets2.jpg

Pringle Place, Altona Meadows


cool streets 5.png
Cool streets 6.jpg

Walshe Court, Altona Meadows