Lodge a Planning Application

Council’s Greenlight Planning Portal has been designed to make it easier for the community to access Town Planning Services.

You can use Greenlight to:

  • View approved planning permits and endorsed plans
  • Lodge a planning permit application
  • View plans currently on advertising and object to a proposal
  • Ask a general enquiry
  • Submit a pre-application meeting request
  • Check the status of your planning application 
  • Lodge a Section 29A consent for proposed demolition request

If you are lodging a Planning Permit Application, please make sure to visit our fact sheets and checklists page first to make sure you submit all the required information.

A fee is also required for all applications (except for some general enquiries), the Schedule of Fees (1 July 2023 - 30 June 2024)(PDF, 224KB) identifies the fees required for each application type. 

If you are using the Greenlight Portal for the first time, you must first complete a short registration process.

Choose one of the following types of applications or requests:

If you have lodged a planning permit application or other request, you can keep track of its progress as well as respond to requests for further information at the My Applications page. If the application does not appear on your My Applications list, please contact Town Planning on 1300 179 944.


Use this link to apply for any of the following:  

  • Amended Permit Application
  • Extension of Time Request
  • Request to Endorse Plans
  • Secondary Consent Request 

We are here to help.

Click here to lodge a general planning enquiry.

If you have a planning question that is general in nature, or it’s early days and you don’t have any plans, you can:

  • contact us on 1300 179 944 and ask to speak with a planning officer
  • visit the Hobsons Bay Civic Centre between 8.30am and 5pm to speak with a planning officer
  • lodge a request online via Greenlight


We strongly encourage you to get pre-application advice from us using our pre-application service. This service will help your planning application to move through to a decision a lot smoother.

We offer two levels of pre-application services: 

Basic level advisory service - For simple questions or small-scale proposals. This is a free one-off service for getting quick answers to guide your planning permit application. 

Intermediate level fast track service - For more complex proposals or detailed advice. This is a paid service for those seeking detailed preliminary advice and wanting to fast-track the application process.  

Please lodge a request of demolition consent (Section 29A or Form A) online through Greenlight:

Lodge Section 29A (Form A) online

Requesting planning approval is different to a planning permit application, and applies only in certain circumstances such as in the Rifle Range in Williamstown. Contact one of our planning officers on 1300 179 944 or townplanning@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au if you are unsure if your proposal requires a plan approval.  

If you have confirmed with our planning officers that you need to lodge a plan approval, please use the link below: 

Lodge a Plan Approval