Spotswood Activity Centre Structure Plan


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Hobsons Bay is developing a structure plan for the Spotswood Activity Centre. It will provide a long term vision to guide land use change, built form, public space and infrastructure

The population of Spotswood and South Kingsville is projected to increase by around 4,000 people between 2016 and 2036. The Spotswood Activity Centre is also expected to grow from a medium to a large Neighbourhood Activity Centre. The structure plan will guide how the activity centre develops so that growth is accommodated in an orderly and sustainable manner and the community has access to local services, infrastructure, employment and quality public spaces. The structure plan will address local characteristics, community needs, and the opportunities and constraints within the centre.

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Current status

Consultation on the draft Spotswood Activity Centre Structure Plan ended on 2 June 2022. To view the draft Structure Plan, please visit the participate page here

All feedback received will be reviewed and considered in the next update of the draft Structure Plan as relevant. 


Better Places and Local Areas Movement Plans

The draft structure plan has been informed by the Better Places and the Local Area Movement Plan projects for Spotswood and South Kingsville.

Better Places is a model that invites the community to participate in the design and future direction of their suburb. This project has built on the significant background work already undertaken for the structure plan and looked at the issues in Spotswood and South Kingsville beyond land use. This project has produced a Place Guide that outlines the short to medium term improvement projects in the area.

The Local Area Movement Plan Spotswood and South Kingsville aims to improve the way our community travels in the area on roads, public transport, the cycling network and footpaths. The Local Area Movement Plan is a five-year framework that guides infrastructure planning and implementation and assist with advocacy to state and federal governments to help maintain a safe, well connected, efficient and accessible transport network.

The structure plan adopts the Better Places Spotswood and South Kingsville community vision and implements the projects identified in the Local Area Movement Plan as they relate to the activity centre.

To find out more about the Better Places and Local Area Movement Plan projects for Spotswood and South Kingsville, please visit:

For further information, please contact the Strategic Planning Department on 1300 179 944.