Burns Road Industrial Estate


The Burns Road Industrial Estate is located between the State Baseball Softball Centre, Harcourt Road and Merton Street in Altona. It has 505 lots owned by over 170 property owners. The estate was subdivided in the 1920s. No roads, drains or other services have ever physically been created. See Figure.

Development Constraints

The estate has remained undeveloped for almost 100 years due to a range of complex issues, including lot size and configuration, native vegetation, and the complexities of the multiple ownerships. Achieving a realistic planning outcome for the estate is not straightforward. There are many issues facing owners and the overall estate that require resolution.

What is Council doing?

In 2014 Council engaged an external facilitator to assist with a landowner engagement process to unlock the development potential of the estate.

The landowner engagement process is continuing to build momentum. A landowners group has been established and in 2017 it became an incorporated association known as the Burns Road Landowners Group Incorporated (BRLG Inc).

About the BRLG Inc.

Membership of the BRLG Inc. is open to all landowners within the estate. Eligibility and application for membership are governed by Rules drafted and adopted by the BRLG Inc.

A Steering Committee of BRLG Inc. members has been elected and is leading the investigations into the issues affecting the estate. The Steering Committee strongly encourages all landowners in the estate to join the BRLG Inc.

The way forward

Landowner agreement and cooperation is critical to resolving issues affecting the estate. Achieving agreement is the single biggest impediment to the development of the land. Members of the BRLG Inc. recognise the value of working collaboratively as a single entity to steer a positive way forward.

If you would like to be part of the BRLG Inc. or have any questions in relation to this matter please contact:

  • Mark Rodda, Chair, Burns Road Landowners Group Inc. on 0418 110 074
  • Steve Bartolo, Burns Road Landowners Group Inc. on 0401 811 450
  • George Neofytou, Burns Road Landowners Group Inc. on 0418 554 345
  • Strategic Planning on 1300 179 944