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Council is updating the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme to align with Victorian Government requirements through Amendment C131 including the introduction of new residential zones.

For further information on the new zones please visit Council’s website. Find out how your property or proposed development is affected by the New Residential Zones in Hobsons Bay by viewing the interactive map.

The Planning Team encourages all applicants to submit preliminary plans and seek pre-application advice before lodging an application for a planning permit. A planning officer will provide advice on the suitability of the application and will identify any concerns or issues with the proposal early in the process, which will avoid lengthy delays during the application.

The pre-application advice does not guarantee that a planning permit will be issued. A full assessment of the proposal will be carried out during the application process. This may identify further issues, including those raised by any neighbouring property owners/occupiers during the advertising process.

Requests for pre-application advice can be made at this link. A written response to a pre-application request generally takes 10 to 15 business days, depending on the complexity of the enquiry.

What you will need for a preliminary assessment:

All preliminary assessments must include a recent certificate of title (less than 90 days old) which can be obtained from

Development applications (residential, industrial, commercial etc.)

  • A neighbourhood and site description plan (site analysis) showing existing buildings on site and location of buildings on at least the adjoining properties (including habitable room windows and private open space areas where applicable)
  • Site/floor plans showing building footprint, setbacks, property boundaries etc
  • Elevation plans
  • If the land is subject to a heritage overlay, a materials and colours schedule

Change of use applications:

For new businesses or change of use or licensed premises, a written statement is required that includes:

  •  the nature of the use
  • hours of operation
  • number of staff
  • likely effects on the amenity of the neighbourhood
  • car parking provision and on site and surrounding uses

It is helpful if you give us as much information as you can so that we can give you the best advice possible.

If you are the Applicant and have lodged the application online, you can find the status of your application through the Track my Applications section of the website or by contacting the assigned Planner directly.

If you are an owner or future occupier of land that is currently subject to a planning application and you are not the Applicant, you can find the status of the application by searching current and completed applications at this link. To avoid confusion, there should only be one point of contact with Council for the Applicant, so speak to your representative to find out further details on your application rather than contacting Council.

Council has expanded on its Greenlight Planning, Building and Parking Permit Modules to allow applicants to lodge and keep track of applications for:

  • road opening/occupation
  • vehicle crossings
  • skip bin permits

The system aims to embrace on-line benefits of lodgement, information transfer and payments to provide a higher level of customer service for residents and applicants of the Council.

These permits are required as part of the Council's Local Laws, if you fail to make the appropriate application prior to undertaking works or locating a skip bin, you may be subject to enforcement action.

Applications can be lodged online by following the below link:

Greenlight Assets Permit Management System

Please lodge a request of demolition consent (Form A) online through Greenlight:

Lodge Form A online