Victorian Building Authority

The Victorian Building Authority is a statutory authority that oversees the building control system in Victoria. They ensure the safety, liveability and sustainability of our built environment. They also oversee building legislation, regulate building practices, advise government, and provide services to industry and consumers.

The Victorian Building Authority works closely with four statutory bodies to provide industry leadership and regulate building quality. The associated bodies are the Building Advisory Council, Building Appeals Board, Building Practitioners Board and the Building Regulations Advisory Committee.

The Victorian Building Authority and the four bodies carry out the following functions:

  • regulate the Victorian Building Industry;
  • administer the registration of Victorian building practitioners and monitor their conduct;
  • advise the Minister for Planning and the Victorian Government on building policies;
  • administer building legislation, the Building Act and Regulations;
  • resolve domestic building disputes as part of the Building Advice and Conciliation Victoria service;
  • accredit building products, construction methods, designs, components and systems associated with building;
  • determine disputes and appeals arising from the Building Act;
  • inform consumers about building and renovating;
  • communicate changes that occur in building legislation;
  • promote improved building standards in Victoria, nationally and internationally;
  • facilitate industry research, development and education; and
  • encourage sustainable and accessible building design, construction and use.


For more details on the Victorian Building Authority and information they provide, see their web page listed below