Erection Of Precautions Over The Street Alignment

The relevant building surveyor will determine whether the erection of precautions over the street alignment is required before and during building work.

Precautions must be taken before and during building work to protect the safety of the public if required by the relevant building surveyor. All excavations must be fenced or guarded to minimise the potential for danger to life or property. As such, precautions may be required over a street alignment.

An application for Council consent will require the submission of dimensioned plans showing the extent of occupation of hoarding, fencing or screened scaffolding. The applicant will also need to provide a description of safety precaution measures, procedures and schedules.

The application should describe the location and description of any signage, witches hats, para webbing, barricades and artificial lighting. It will be necessary to state the erection and dismantling dates for the precautions.

Generally, Council will insist that at least a width of 1.5 metres is made available for pedestrian access around a hoarding and that it is also suitable for people with disabilities. So when proposing a layout, consideration should be given to any existing trees, bollards, posts, bike racks, etc. Only in exceptional circumstances will Council allow pedestrians to bypass via the roadway, in which case barricades must be erected for protection from traffic.