Copies of plans, certificates & permits

A request for copies of a building permit issued on your property can be made to retrieve the file and have the contents of that file copied at cost (please download the form at the bottom of this page to see current costs).

A request for files can only be made by the owner or agent of the owner with written consent. This process will take approximately 10 working days due to building permit files being archived off site.

Some files will not be obtainable due to Council’s history of amalgamations with neighbouring Councils, as well as the age of some properties. Once the Building Control Unit receive your application, the address will be searched to confirm whether any building permits exist prior to processing the application fee. 


Information that can be requested

  • architectural drawings
  • structural drawings
  • structural computations
  • soil report
  • builder warranty insurance
  • building permit
  • occupancy permit
  • certificate of final inspection