Solid Fuel Heaters

Solid fuel heaters can either be free-standing units or insert units – installed in an existing chimney.


The installation of both types must be carried out by a plumber registered in the appropriate category. A building permit is not required.

The following matters need to be considered:

  • heaters (both new and second-hand) must bear a permanent marking such as a metal plate on the back of the heater indicating the maker of the heater and, “TESTED TO AS/NZS 4013”
  • the heater must be installed according to Australian Standard AS 2918 and the manufacturer’s instructions. This includes:
    • hearth size and construction
    • clearance distances from walls and ceiling
    • correct flue size, type and height, with a suitable cowling


Once your heater has been installed, be careful about what fuel is used to avoid any risk to health and/or the environment.

  • always use plenty of paper, good kindling and small logs to establish a hot fire quickly
  • never use treated or painted woods
  • do not try to burn logs that are too large
  • do not overfill heater

If smoke from your heater is causing a nuisance to nearby properties, Council’s Health officers may be asked to investigate.