Animal & Pet Permits

There are restrictions on the number of animals or birds you can keep, depending on the type of property you live in. If you wish to keep more than the allowed number of animals a permit is required. A non-refundable application fee of $176 applies. You may also require a permit to keep certain animals.

Type of animal
All properties (except flats and units)
Flats and units
Dogs 2 1
Cats 2 1
Poultry 10 Not permitted
Domestic birds
10 5
Large birds
2 Not permitted
Pigeons 10 Not permitted
Racing pigeons
60 Not permitted
Domestic mice
2 2
Guinea pigs and ferrets
2 Not permitted
Rabbits 2 Not permitted
Fish No maximum limit
No maximum limit
Tortoises, frogs etc.
No maximum limit
No maximum limit
Horses, donkeys etc. 0 Not permitted
Cattle 0 Not permitted
Sheep 0 Not permitted
Goats 0 Not permitted
Pigs 0 Not permitted
Other agricultural animals 0 Not permitted