If you are caught breaking the law for some offences, you will be issued with a penalty in the form of an infringement notice (a fine). 

Depending on the offence, you may receive a fine:

  • on-the-spot by an issuing officer (if you are intercepted at the time of the offence)
  • attached to your vehicle
  • in the mail

If you do not deal with your fine by the due date, the matter will become more serious and you will have to pay more in added costs.

The Infringements Act 2006 and the Fines Reform Act 2014 set the standard framework for how fines are issued and enforced. 


Your Infringement Notice will include information about:

  • your offence
  • how much you owe
  • how you can pay
  • your options for dealing with the fine
  • the fine due date


You can pay your infringement online by visiting our Customer Portal

If you have a planning infringement please pay via Greenlight.


Your options are: