Community Services and Infrastructure Plan 2020-2030

The Community Services and Infrastructure Plan (the plan) provides the framework for the provision and delivery of community services and infrastructure to meet the current and changing needs of the Hobsons Bay community.

It provides an assessment of community infrastructure from the perspectives of what, how much and where. For the purposes of the plan, community infrastructure includes early years facilities, multipurpose rooms, libraries, art and cultural facilities, schools, and facilities for older people.

Community infrastructure is assessed at three geographic levels – neighbourhood, precinct and municipal. This recognises that service provisions differ depending on the type of community infrastructure. The plan identifies where community infrastructure is well supplied, adequately supplied and undersupplied in each neighbourhood, precinct, and the municipality.

Annual addendums will provide updates on changes to properties and services and other impacts on community infrastructure provision in Hobsons Bay.

The documents can be viewed here:

Community-Services-and-Infrastructure-Plan-CSIP-2022-Addendum(PDF, 1020KB)

Summary-Community-Services-and-Infrastructure-Plan-2020-30(PDF, 3MB)

Community-Services-and-Infrastructure-Plan-2020-30(PDF, 7MB)

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