Drainage maintenance

Council has responsibility for the maintenance of Council owned stormwater drainage. This includes drains and pits within streets and designated easements on private property. 

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of household drains up to the point where they connect into Council's drainage system.             

To report a blocked or broken Council drain or drainage pit call 9932 1000 or report a blocked or broken drain online.

Legal point of discharge

Legal point of discharge is required as part of an Application for Permit to Build (Building Regulations) and is normally obtained by your Building Surveyor as part of this process.          

Council determines where stormwater from a property may lawfully discharge e.g. underground pipe or street channel. This information will be given in written on request and with payment of a fee.

Legal-Point-of-Discharge-Application-Form.pdf(PDF, 893KB)

Drainage-Plan-Checking-and-Construction-Supervision.pdf(PDF, 885KB)

Other drainage information, such as depth and location of Council drains, will be given, where available.              

Council does not keep records of private or domestic drains on a property. This information may be available from the issued building permit plans obtainable from Council Building Department archives on payment of a search fee.          

Flood mapping

Flood mapping is progressively being carried out in various areas of the municipality with a view to preparing a program of works for flood mitigation.