Love Laverton Parks

Love Laverton Parks involves the upgrade of eight local community parks as a single coordinated and fast-tracked program with a focus on:

  • creating a unique feel to each of Laverton’s parks that offer a variety of activities for people of all ages and abilities
  • upgrading and improving existing facilities and equipment
  • adding new landscaping and tree planting that will enhance the green character of Laverton
  • improving pedestrian and cyclist pathway connections, to increase accessibility and help to tie the parks together into a network

Henderson Street Reserve

Henderson Street Reserve Laverton


Henderson Street Reserve is located between Chirnside Crescent and Henderson Street in Laverton. Situated across the road from the Western Autism School, it serves as a green space for the local community and students.

What are the new features in this park?

The upgrade includes a new play space with a nature play focus. The rope structures, a double slide and other play equipment cater for a range of ages and abilities. Colourful and textured native garden beds frame the lawn area and spill into the play space. There is a new barbecue area with a timber shelter, seating, shade and a drinking fountain.

The upgrade work was completed at the end of 2022.

Bladin Street Reserve 

Bladin St Reserve Laverton


Bladin Street Reserve is in the north of Laverton, on the corner of Bladin Street and Old Geelong Road and is a small park with large mature trees, play equipment with seating and a water fountain.

What are the new features in this park?

The playground at Bladin Street Reserve has been upgraded with a fresh coat of paint and some new equipment. Log seating and picnic settings create places for rest under the trees. There are logs and rocks for nature play and to form habitat for local fauna.

The upgrade work was completed mid 2022.

Frank Gibson Reserve

Frank Gibson Reserve Sumers St Laverton

Frank Gibson Reserve is located between Sumers Street and Allen Street in Laverton. It has a cricket pitch, basketball hoop, junior soccer goals and play spaces and a new irrigation system throughout. The two play spaces are linked by a winding cycling and walking path joining both ends of the reserve.

What are the new features in this park?

The play area off Allen Street features a refurbished multi-play unit with many more pieces of new equipment. This includes an accessible whirl, rope climbing frame, caterpillar slide, toddler rockers, swing set and junior soccer goals. There is new seating, a drinking fountain, bike parking and colourful native garden beds.

The Sumer Street end of the park features a basketball hoop and key, terraced timber seats (which can be climbed and played on), balance beam and a junior bike circuit. There are garden beds and seats in the shade and a viewing mound looking over the cricket pitch.

The upgrade work was completed in 2022.

Dick Murdoch Reserve

Dick Murdoch Reserve Eaton Pde Laverton


Dick Murdoch Reserve is located on the corner of McNamara Avenue and Cole Street in Laverton. It is a small local park with shade trees and new play equipment.

What are the new features in this park?

The main feature of this park is a 40m flying fox. At the other end of the park is a new play space with a twin tower timber multi-play unit for a range of ages groups. There is a central open lawn area, new native garden beds and a skinny winding scooter track through the sheeoak forest.

The upgrade work was completed at the end of 2022

Beverly Anton Reserve

Beverly Anton Reserve Whittaker Avenue Laverton

Beverly Anton Reserve is located on Whittaker Avenue in Laverton.

What are the new features in this park?

The park features new seating and enhanced landscape with both shrub and tree planting. The memorial plaque has also been restored.

This upgrade work was completed in 2022.

Whittaker Avenue Reserve

Whittaker Ave Reserve Laverton

What are the new features in this park?

A double swing with a strap seat and a toddler seat was installed late 2021, along with two spring rockers in soft-fall pine mulch.

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Bruce Street Reserve

Bruce-Street-Reserve-Concept-Plan-for-Community-Engagement-230131.pdf(PDF, 4MB)

What are the new features in this park?

Bruce Street Reserve, a small local park close to Curlew Community Park, will be upgraded with a new play space, seating, planting and a circulation path.

The upgrade work will commence in early November 2023.

Cropley Crescent Reserve

Cropley-Crescent-Reserve-Final-Concept-Plan-230131.pdf(PDF, 5MB)

What are the new features of this park?

Cropley Crescent Reserve is in the northern part of Laverton, near Henderson and Bladin Street Reserves. The reserve will be a flexibly used space. There will be a new playground and an open grassed area for kickabout and exercise. There will be two seating areas for families or for those wishing to work and a small circular path for walking and learning to ride and scoot. New trees and shrubs will strengthen the existing planting on the reserve, increase biodiversity and help support native pollinators.

The upgrade work will commence in early November 2023.

Greening Small Parks

As part of the urban forest tree canopy project, additional trees will be planted within all smaller green spaces and reserves (with advanced tree planting and seating in selected locations) including:

  • Jamison Street Reserve
  • Tyquin Street Reserve
  • Williams Road Reserve
  • Alma Avenue Reserve

Works will begin in April 2023 and will take approximately 6 weeks to complete.