Northern Local Area Movement Plan strategy (LAMPs)

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What are LAMPs?

LAMPs aim to improve the way our community travels through our city on roads, public transport, the cycling network and footpaths.


Northern LAMPs

Local Area Movement Plans (LAMPs) are being formed for the northern suburbs of Hobsons Bay and we want to understand your experiences using the Hobsons Bay transport network in the areas of Brooklyn, Altona North, Newport, South Kingsville, Spotswood and Williamstown North.

The Northern LAMPs will deliver a five-year framework to guide Council’s infrastructure planning and implementation and assist with our advocacy to state and federal governments to help maintain a safe, well connected, efficient and accessible transport network.

All modes of transport within the Northern LAMPs seeks to identify existing transport challenges and constraints as well as the opportunities for improvement across all modes of transport.

Although we recognise that the Hobsons Bay community has already provided information on challenges in the network outlined in an Issues Paper reflecting challenges across the Northern LAMPs suburbs we want to ensure we have it right and nothing has been missed.

We want to know:

What you LOVE about it? What do you want to CHANGE? What IDEAS do you have on how it can be improved?


Have your say

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If you have any queries or would like to speak to a member of the Northern Local Area Movement Plan Project Team, call Council on 1300 179 994 or email


If you would like to view a hard copy of the Issues Paper, call Council on 1300 179 994 and we can send a copy to you.