PA Burns Masterplan

Council is pleased to announce that Stage 2 works at PA Burns Reserve are now complete. To service this highly popular and well used site, a public toilet block will be constructed between April and June 2022. It will be located in the new car park area just off Altona Road.

Construction news

The recently completed Stage 2 works include:

  • a brand new car park outside the Pines Scout Camp
  • fully fenced dog off-lead area with double gated entries, walking paths, seats and new plantings
  • extensive planting of approximately 20,000 native plant species and over 300 trees. The plants will help stabilised the primary dune system and provide a habitat for local fauna within the fenced conservation planting areas

To ensure equity between all users, there will be changes to the on-leash areas, including areas where dogs are prohibited, areas where dogs must be on-lead and fenced areas where dogs can be off-lead, free to enjoy the wide open space. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the changes below or via the onsite signs.

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What did the works include?

1. Realignment of a section of the shared trail - a 350 metre long section of the shared trail is being realigned onto higher ground to build resilience to climate change.

2. Grade separation of the shared trail and primary dog beach access path - the grade separation aims to minimise conflict between cyclists, pedestrians, dog walkers and other users of the space.

3. Formalised pedestrian access to the dog beach at three locations

4. Designated parking are for dog beach users and horse floats - the car parking outside The Pines Scout Camp will be designated for use by dog beach users.

5. Dog wash down area - an area close to the car park will include dog wash stations, a drink fountain and bins.

6. Lookout points - two viewing areas overlooking the bay will be provided.

7. Fencing of dog off-leash and revegetation areas - dog off leash areas will be fenced. The fencing will define dog off-leash areas and protect conservation areas that provide habitat for native wildlife.

8. Tree and shrub planting works - areas immediately adjacent to the bridge will include tree and shrub planting. Further planting works will be carried out in 2020.

Changes to the dog on leash and off leash areas at PA Burns Reserve

PA Burns reserve is a very popular site for dog owners. To ensure equity between all users of the space, the roll out of the upgrade works will include the following changes to the precinct which previously has been entirely dog off leash.



Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the proposed changes.  These changed will be in place once all upgrade works including fencing between the various zones is completed.


Over the summer months of 2016-17, Council conducted a user survey to determine how our community uses PA Burns Reserve and the Altona Dog Beach. This survey generated over 400 responses, which shows how much you value this space.

The feedback we got from this user survey was extremely valuable and we thank everyone for participating. Your feedback helped inform the concept plan for the reserve.

The main issues you told us you would like us to address include:

  • the interaction between dogs and cyclists along the shared trail
  • the interaction between dogs and cricket players
  • the desire for a space for dogs to run (ie a grassed area)
  • good site lines from the carpark to the beach access
  • increased parking
  • dog washing facilities at the carpark
  • more rubbish bins and water fountains

The concept plan also includes access for Council vehicles to access the beach for the beach renourishment / dredging program. The plan also includes access for horses who use this beach predominantly during the spring racing carnival.

The concept plan features:

  • a grade separation of the Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail and dogs accessing the beach, removing the conflict point and ensuring the safety of all members of the community, including our furry friends
  • a new carpark with dog washing facilities that leads directly to a new green lawn space just for dogs and their families
  • a separate sporting field, designed to remove the conflict of cricket players and dogs
  • a dedicated access path for vehicles and horses to access the beach without travelling through the sports field


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