McCormack Park Master Plan

McCormack Park is a beloved community park on Jennings Street in Laverton. It has been a place for residents to relax, exercise, play and skate for years, and its reimaging will provide greater opportunities for the community to connect with each other and nature. The draft master plan has been developed following two stages of community consultation. It takes into consideration what residents already love about the area, and what their needs and wants are for the park in the future.

The master plan includes a story telling river, water play workshop, viewing and climbing tower, bush trail, bridge improvements, socialising hubs, picnic facility expansion, multisport court, exercise hub, amphitheatre, redesigned carpark and pathway improvements.

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Please see the attachment below for the latest staging plan for McCormack Park.

2023_08_22-Staging-plan-mccormack-park.pdf(PDF, 3MB)

Latest News

Stage 1

Council is pleased to advise that construction works are now underway. The works include exercise stations, seating, sculpture posts, shrub and tree planting. These works are located around the Laverton Creek and are expected to be complete by mid-2024.

Stage 2

The design works for the McCormack Park play space upgrade are in progress. The play space upgrade works are expected to commence in late 2024, with further details becoming available in August 2024.

Materials stored onsite

Council has many construction projects underway across the municipality. As a result, some materials have become available that would be suitable for use for the play space upgrade. For instance, clean soil, basalt boulders and cypress pine posts. By sharing materials between sites, Council can ensure less waste is generated and reduce costs for imported materials. This is not only good for the environment, but also helps achieve a well-balanced and cost-efficient outcome.  These materials will be used in both stage 1 and 2 and are currently stored onsite in a locked fence compound.

Once all reuse materials are removed from the compound, the fence will be removed, and grass reinstated. We appreciate your patience as we work through the construction phase.

If you have any queries concerning these works, please call Swathy Karki, Senior Project Manager on 1300 179 944.