Hobsons Bay Wetlands Centre - Early Works

What is the Wetlands Centre? 

The-state-of-the-art, sustainability-focused Wetlands Centre will be a premier destination for immersive teaching and learning from Prep to PhD, leading environmental research facilities, ecotourism and community participation in nature, leading to improved physical and mental health outcomes. 

An Australian first in biophilic and community co-design architectural principles, the Wetlands Centre will be located at HD Graham Reserve in Altona Meadows, near internationally recognised Ramsar-listed Cheetham Wetlands and other biodiversity hotspots that contribute significantly to social, cultural, economic and environmental values in Victoria. 

The multifunctional centre will include: indoor/outdoor public spaces; classrooms, field studies centre, café, offices, workspaces, connected walking trails, wetlands, boardwalks, interpretive signage, landscaping, seating, nature play areas; and storage. 

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Early Works  

Council is looking to commence early works in Mid-2024.  

Early Works include:  

  • Construction of an interim visitor centre and public amenities, to become a café in the long term 

  • Undercover outdoor area adjacent to café building 

  • Temporary activity pod (multipurpose space) to facilitate school/community workshops and events 

  • Preliminary earthworks to form mounds and terrain 

  • Preliminary planting with native vegetation 

  • Service connections  

  • Gravel walkway to connect buildings to Andrew Park Drive and Laverton Creek Trail  

The completion of the early works package will help activate the site and draw community closer to the natural elements of the site. Council and project stakeholders remain committed to their advocacy efforts, ensuring the full realisation of the site's overarching vision. 

See site plan for early works and renders of the spaces. 



Information Session:  

Interested in learning more about Hobsons Bay Wetland Centre? Join council at our Wetlands Centre information session.  

When: Saturday 23 March 2024 2.30pm – 5pm 
Where: Altona Sports Centre, Andrew Park Drive