Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council Friendship Alliance

In 2003, Council and the Towards Reconciliation Working Group set about building a relationship with Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council in Queensland. The aim of this early connection was to enhance learning and understanding between our respective local cultures in the Shire and municipal Hobsons Bay. Initial projects included connections between school students and community exchange.

Yarrabah and Council established the ground breaking 'sister cities' friendship to continue enhancing learning and understanding between the two Local Government Areas (LGA's). The relationship continues, including exchanges of information, identifying opportunities to progress cultural elements, such as exhibiting artwork created by children from Yarrabah as part of Art in Public Places and delegate visits as occasions arise.

There is a great documentary called A Sense of Belonging produced by Get Up Out West sing funding from Council's community grants program. The video is currently available to watch on Vimeo.

About Yarrabah Shire

Yarrabah Shire is an independent Aboriginal community in north Queensland, approximately 7km from Cairns. The area has a population of around 4,000 people.

More information about Yarrabah is available at www.yarrabah.qld.gov.au

In contrast, Hobsons Bay is 10 kilometres from Melbourne in the inner western metro region. The city covers an area of 66 kilometres with a population of over 84,000. A range of major industrial complexes in the city contribute significantly to the economy of Victoria. Find out more about Hobsons Bay and its history Find out more about Hobsons Bay and its history here.