Anjo, Japan our Sister City

In October 1988, the former City of Altona (now Hobsons Bay City Council) established a sister city agreement with the City of Anjo in Japan.

The two cities aim to develop friendship and goodwill through the relationship, as well as exchanging information, ideas, culture and traditions.

As a result of the agreement, the Altona (now Hobsons Bay) International Friendship Association was formed by local residents. The association organises the annual student exchange program which provides an opportunity for students from both countries to experience a different culture and lifestyle. Around 200 young people have participated through the Hobsons Bay International Friendship Association exchange to Japan. 

It also participates in a cultural exchange program separate to the student exchange. A visit is planned on a cycle of every three years.

About Anjo, Japan    

Anjo is a city in the Aiche Prefectecture in Japan, situated near the centre of the Nishi-Mikawa Plain, around 30 km from Nagoya. It covers an area approximately 86 square kms with a population of almost 190,000 people.

Anjo was originally an agricultural district;  it now has a mixed economy including manufacturing, and also still known for rice, wheat, soybeans, figs, Japanese pears and cucumbers. Due to its proximity to Toyota City, it is home to factories supplying components into the automobile industry.  A visit to Anjo should always include a visit to the Toyota Museum! Visitors can also experience castles, shrines, gardens and Denpark as an enduring local attraction. 

Hobsons Bay International Friendship Association Inc.

The Hobsons Bay International Friendship Association Inc. (HBIFA) assists Council with its sister-city relationship with Anjo and promotes the friendship throughout Hobsons Bay. The HBIFA is made up of local families who donate their time, effort and enthusiasm to ensure the continues success of the alliance. 

The group arranges the annual student exchange program where four students and a chaperone visit Anjo, stay with host families for two weeks, and experience Japan’s culture.

The local students and chaperone host the Japanese students and show them life in Australia. HBIFA also supports a regular exchange program, hosting a delegation of adults from Japan through homestays and itinerary planning and reciprocal group visits to Anjo. The HBIFA also holds a Japanese writing competition for secondary students. 

For more information about the HBIFA, and ways to be involved,