During a flood emergency

Flood VICSES image

Flash flooding can occur quickly due to heavy rainfall and you may not receive an official warning. When flooding is predicted, decide what you will do before flooding occurs. 

Here's what to do if a flood occurs near you:

  • Floodwater is dangerous. Stay safe by never entering floodwater.

  • Call 132 500 for emergency assistance from VICSES.

  • Call Triple Zero (000) in life-threatening emergencies

  • Stay informed – monitor weather warnings and forecasts at the Bureau of Meteorology website, and warnings through the VicEmergency app, website and hotline (1800 226 226).

  • If you are inside:

    • Stay inside and be aware of rising floodwater.

    • If floodwater comes inside, move to a higher point such as a kitchen bench or second storey.

    • Contact family members and neighbours to ensure they are aware of the situation, if safe to do so.

  • If you evacuate from your home or workplace:

    • Remember to take your pets, mobile phone, spare clothes, mask and medications.

    • Turn off gas and electricity at your home or workplace.

    • Travel to the home of family or friends who are in a safe location, away from flooding.

    • Check for road closures when you leave and follow instructions from emergency services.

  • If you are outside:

    • Stay away from trees, drains, low-lying areas, creeks, canals, culverts and floodwater.

    • Seek shelter indoors, away from floodwater.

  • If you are driving when flash flooding occurs:

    • Stay safe by never driving through floodwater. It can take just 15cm of flowing water to float a car - that’s the height of an average pen.

    • Find alternative travel routes if roads or underpasses are flooded.

    • Be aware of driving hazards, such as mud, debris, damaged roads and fallen and damaged trees.

    • If driving conditions are dangerous, safely pull over on higher ground, away from trees.

    • Tune in to emergency broadcasters such as ABC local radio and designated commercial radio stations to monitor the situation.

Never drive on flooded roads

Did you know it takes just 15cm of water to float a small car?

Driving on flooded roads is dangerous, and it doesn’t take much to make your car become unstable, lose traction or wash away.

Learn more about our 15 to float campaign.