Be flood ready

Flood VICSES image

Plan and prepare

If you live in, work in or visit areas on low-lying land, close to creeks or rivers, or near major stormwater drains you may be at risk of flooding. Always keep yourself safe.

A well-prepared community can reduce the impact of flooding by up to 80%. People who are prepared are more likely to respond to floods appropriately and safely.   People who have planned and prepared for emergencies can help to reduce the impact of emergencies on their homes and families and recover faster.

Take the time to prepare and know what to do before, during and after a flood with the VICSES emergency preparedness booklet for flood and storm.

Stay safe

  • Never drive, ride or walk through floodwater

  • Never allow children to play in or near floodwater

  • If evacuated, do not return until it is safe to do so

  • Follow the advice of authorities (including any requests for evacuation)

  • Leave early before flooding occurs and go to family or friends on higher ground if you can

  • Contact family, neighbours and those you know are at risk to ensure they are aware of the situation and know what to do

  • Learn more about the risk of flooding in your area - Check to see if your community has a Local Flood Guide or local flood information

Sandbagging can help during a flood

You can access sandbags at your local hardware store. During significant events, VICSES may establish sandbag collection points. 

Learn how to sandbag using our sandbagging guide.

Prepare an emergency plan

Taking the time to plan for emergencies helps your think more clearly, have a greater sense of control, and make better decisions when an emergency happens. Your emergency plan should include:

  • Emergencies that might affect you

  • How they might affect you

  • What you will do before, during and after an emergency

  • Where you will go if you evacuate and the safest route to get there

  • A list of contact numbers you may need

You can use the VICSES flood checklist to prepare for a flood.