Old Laverton School

Old Laverton School 2020

Built in 1888, this beautiful single room school house is the last of its kind in the Melbourne metropolitan area. Fast forward almost 125 years, and the Old Laverton School is again full of life as a community and arts facility available for hire to casual and long term tenants.

The facility offers a rare combination of warmth and heritage character, a quiet neighbourhood, huge windows providing natural light and on-site amenities. Whether you are looking for a classy rehearsal space for a drama read-through, or a quiet dedicated meeting room, Old Laverton School could be the perfect venue for you.

Recognition is due to the Laverton Point Cook Rotary Club, which saved the building from an uncertain future, in a community fundraising and work effort dating to 1988.  

Equipment at the venue:

  • approx. 40 Chairs
  • 10 x 180cm x 75cm Trestle Tables
  • 1 X Whiteboard (70cm wide X 1M high)
  • 1 X 45" screen/ monitor
  • 1 x Fridge
  • 1 x Microwave

Please note:

  • Community Rates are designed for Not-for-Profit Organisations and Community Groups. Schools also qualify for Community Rates.
  • Commercial/ Private rates include birthdays, celebrations, weddings and similar functions. 

Child Safety

  • All events need to consider Child Safety in their planning.
  • Staff and volunteers from organizations that are working with children require current Working With Children's Checks.
  • Children's physical safety needs to be considered and the areas that children get changed in must not be public areas (bathrooms, foyers, ballroom etc).
  • Information about the Child Safe regulations and standards can be found on the Commision for Children and Young People website. We strongly recommend you review these and factor them into your planning.

Single Use Plastics

  • The following items may not be used within Hobsons Bay Cultural Venues: single use plastic drinking straws, drink stirrers, cutlery, plates cotton buds, and expanded polystyrene. Bio-plastic food ware may also not be used in the venue and there is a preference for reusable crockery over pulp-based disposables. 
  • Single use plastic decoration and linens should not be used in the venue. 
  • More information is available about reducing plastic pollution, the circular economy https://www.vic.gov.au/single-use-plastics 


You can now request to hire this space in our new portal, which we're currently beta testing. To give it a try, visit My Hobsons Bay Hub.




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