Altona Theatre

external photograph of Altona Theatre

It offers a 244 seat auditorium (with raked seating), a large green room, two dressing rooms and ample backstage parking. The theatre also provides free off street parking for guests, and a kiosk to purchase refreshments.

Altona Theatre is available for plays, musicals, concerts, ballet and other branches of the performing arts. It is also available for lectures, seminars and graduation ceremonies.

Altona Theatre is equipped with a full kiosk. Catering options are not possible for public events and full meal service is not permitted, including outside the venue. No BYO alcohol. 

Technical Services
Altona Theatre is also home to resident theatre company Altona City Theatre Company, who manages and charges directly for all technical support for all events, while Council manages the venue hire.  The theatre company’s technical fees and charges can be found on the side panel. 

Due to a high demand of bookings between October and December each year, an expression of interest is required for bookings during this period. To register your interest please contact the Arts Facilities Officer.

PLEASE NOTE: Venue Inspections are by appointment only. Please contact our office to arrange a suitable date and time.

Child Safety

  • All events need to consider Child Safety in their planning.
  • Staff and volunteers from organizations that are working with children require current Working With Children's Checks.
  • Children's physical safety needs to be considered and the areas that children get changed in must not be public areas (bathrooms, foyers, auditorium etc).
  • Information about the Child Safe regulations and standards can be found on the Commission for Children and Young People website. We strongly recommend you review these and factor them into your planning.


Single Use Plastics

  • The following items may not be used within Hobsons Bay Cultural Venues: single use plastic drinking straws, drink stirrers, cutlery, plates cotton buds, and expanded polystyrene. Bio-plastic food ware may also not be used in the venue and there is a preference for reusable crockery over pulp-based disposables. 
  • Single use plastic decoration and linens should not be used in the venue. 
  • More information is available about reducing plastic pollution, the circular economy 

Rainbow Road at Altona Theatre

rainbow driveway outside the Civic Centre

Hobsons Bay City Council is rolling out the red… orange, yellow, green, blue and violet!
Council has painted the forecourt outside the Altona Theatre at the Hobsons Bay Civic Centre, transforming it into a rainbow to bring a vibrant splash of colour to the space for the festive season and as a lead into Midsumma, a celebration of all things LGBTIQA+ in January and February.
Pictured below are Cr Briffa, Cr Grima and Tony Mead; local artist and signwriter from Industrial Art Sign Co who headed up the painting of the public art piece with his team of painters Nick, Anthony and Finn.
Follow the Rainbow Road into the New Year and Midsumma Westside 2022, part of Midsumma, Australia's premier queer arts and cultural festival 23 January to 13 February 2022


Altona Theatre rainbow  


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