Community Centres around Seabrook

Hobsons Bay has a range of Community Centres, Neighbourgood Houses and Council+ library sites that run a variety of programs and events.


Link into one of the other Community Centres or Neighbourhood Houses in Hobsons Bay to see what they have to offer

Altona Meadows Community Centre 

Hobsons Bay Libraries and Council+ service sites

Laverton Community Integrated Services

Laverton Community Hub

Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre

Newport Community Education Centre

Newport Community Hub

South Kingsville Community Centre

Walker Close Community Centre

Williamstown Community Education Centre/Spotswood Community House



We are pleased to be part of Council's Recycling 2.0 program with a community recycling hub set up at the centre. The recycling hub accepts a range of items including lightbulbs, printer cartridges, batteries and DVDs. Unfortunately we are no longer able to accept make-up for recycling.